CEO, member of the audit committee (b. 1953)

Independent member of the board since 2008. Re-elected in 2012, 2014 and 2015. The current election term expires in 2016.

Thøger Thøgersen holds an MSc in Business Administration (marketing/finance) and in the course of this acreer he has been involved in many different aspects of the retail trade, including Dansk Supermarked, Netto and subsequently with Magasin du Nord/Illum, where he served as director of purchasing for seven years. By virtue of his extensive knowledge and experience of sales, Thøger Thøgersen provides expert input for the continued strategic development of Harboe.








  • The purchasing association "Mr." - (men's fashion)
  • Holmsland Klit Golf A/S
  • Indkøbsforeningen af 1964 AMBA (chairman)
  • MR WEB A/S (chairman)
  • A/S PSE NR: 2127 (chairman)

Shareholding in Harboe: 2015/16: 800 shares.