Quality and product development

We have made quality a system and work focused on sustainable development

High demands and expectations

We take pride in quality – and quality is part of our system, so that we are in control of it. From raw materials to finished products. And this is essential because there are high demands and equally high expectations for us as an international manufacturer of beverages and food ingredients.

We must comply with the applicable requirements and standards at all times, which is why we have invested heavily in optimising and quality assuring our production over the years. As part of our efforts in this area, we have worked systematically to meet the requirements of the international certifications, and our systems are effective tools that help us ensure we do things correctly day to day.

This means that we are currently certified in accordance with international standards – e.g is Harboe IFS certified and several of our products are certified in accordance with applicable product standards such as organic, halal and kosher. We focus on quality in everything that we do. And we never rest on our laurels, because our certifications constantly need renewing, and we regularly receive both scheduled and unscheduled audits from the certification authorities and our major customers.

Innovation and sustainability

Innovation is an important driving force in Harboes Bryggeri A/S – and we constantly strive to create new and better products – and more effective and sustainable ways of producing them.

The world is changing bit by bit each day, as are our consumers’ tastes and preferences. We must be able to accommodate new trends, and we see a clear rise in interest across international markets for healthier and more natural products.

Consumers also enjoy a great and unique experience, and preferably an interesting story around the products they buy. Products should be easy, fresh and long-lasting. They also need to be sustainable, so that consumers don’t have a guilty conscience.

Our development teams consist of talented specialists and product developers, who put all their knowledge and experience into turning the latest theories and technological solutions into new exciting products that meet these consumer trends.

Cooperation with customers

Our work with malt-based ingredients is a great example of such a development project, where we work together with our customers in the food industry, which include some of the biggest bakeries in Europe.

We are in the process of developing malt extract and converting it from a simple raw material into a range of advanced ingredients that can add new qualities, such as flavour, structure and shelf-life, to bread, among others. All based on natural ingredients that can replace sugar and artificial additives.

”We brew our beer following proud traditions, and we ensure that the flavour, colour and bitterness have just the right balance. And we're constantly developing new products and varieties that best reflect our love of beer, and which give our consumers a great experience.”
Christian Weindl, Brewmaster, Darguner Brauerei GmbH