Welcome to Harboes Bryggeri

Passion, respect and responsibility

A local brewery - in Skælskør and Dargun

Harboes Bryggeri A/S is Denmark’s third largest brewery, and together with our subsidiary in Germany – Darguner Brauerei GmbH – we produce and market our beverages and malt based ingredients in wide range of countries worldwide.

Darguner Brauerei was built from the ground shortly after the fall of the wall, when Harboe decided to enter the East German market. Today, Darguner Brauerei is one of Germany’s largest breweries in terms of capacity. Together, the two breweries in Skælskør and Dargun employ approx. 550 employees.

Harboes Bryggeri A/S has been listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1989 and the Harboe family has co-owned and managed the company since 1883. The brewery is located with its modern and efficient brewery facilities in Skælskør in West Zealand, where the Harboe family started it all.

Today, the sixth generation of the Harboe family is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the company, and the ownership together with the company’s nearly 5,000 shareholders.

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Harboes values, our everyday life

Harboe as a company is based on strong values, which lie at the heart of everything we do. We are brewing people together, and that we have been doing every day for six generations.

Community is precisely the essence of everything we do. Success is created by joint efforts. We focus on the high quality of all our products, which bring ordinary people together for good experiences – both on everyday basis and for parties.

Harboe’s operations and development are driven by skilled and committed employees who convert their experience and knowledge into high-quality products. Harboe’s values and history are an important part of the company’s culture and create a strong foundation for continued development. We work for long-term sustainable development that creates value for customers and consumers as well as for the community which we are a part of.

With our values in hand, we must work every day to get closer to consumers and strengthen our foundation for the future.

"We work purposefully to support our common culture, values and team spirit across the organisation. This is crucial for our success."
Søren Malling, CEO

At the edge of Skælskør fjord

Harboe is located next to Skælskør fjord and the maritime was the inspiration for our award-winning visitor center, which was designed by the architects at PLH Architects by Søren Mølbak and was completed in 2017. Here we have gathered meeting rooms and an auditorium, as well as the reception where guests are welcomed to the company.

The structure of the building is built externally and internally so that it symbolizes a ship’s prow and the small and large waves on the sea. Inside you can see more details with reference to our business and history. If you take e.g. a closer look at the pattern in the wood-clad walls, you will see hop flowers emerging. Facing the water, two sailboats that have previously been sailed in racing competitions by HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Prince Henrik are on display.

Our visitor center provides space for meetings with colleagues, customers and suppliers as well as our social events and parties or events where we gather employees for presentations and lectures held in our auditorium. It is also in these rooms that we host other special occasions, including some of a more official nature, such as when we hosted the official lunch during the visit of Her Majesty the Queen in August 2022.