Sustainability in the broadest sense

Sustainability in the broadest sense

Sustainability in Harboe

Our sustainability report is an account of sustainable social responsibility and diversity. Initiatives are based on our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 principles from the UN Global Compact. The work and its results are reported every year in our sustainability report.

Below you can read more about our focus areas and on our investor site you will find the complete report:

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Environment and climate

We focus on minimizing our negative impact on both the global climate and our local environment. This is done through targeted efforts in energy reduction and responsible consumption of used resources.

Production of beer and soft drinks as well as malt-based ingredients requires large amounts of water and energy. Control of the supply chain and purchasing procedures has a major impact on the environment, climate and society. Through a responsible supply chain, we must reduce the negative impact. We always focus on reducing our environmental footprint throughout the value chain.

We continuously carry out analyzes of our value chain with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water consumption. We work systematically to reduce our use of resources in production and introduce sustainable solutions for our packaging.

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We have to be a good and attractive workplace and pass on the values that have been part of our company for six generations.

We want to be a company with diversity in professional groups, nationalities and age distribution and create an environment where we benefit from developing the employees’ skills.

We will create a working environment that ensures the safety and health of our employees. That is why we work purposefully to develop and maintain a safe and physically and psychologically good working environment.

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We want to be a preferred partner for our customers by being able to deliver sustainable and good products to consumers and customers and at the same time have a good variety in the product range, so that it suits every occasion.

Our products provide energy and taste good, are refreshing and quench thirst. As part of the healthy life, we support sporting and cultural events through sponsorship – especially in the local area.

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Business ethics

The financial and social impacts from our production are reflected through the operational environment, by employing employees, paying tax, our social responsibility and local presence. As a company, we have many suppliers, more than 500 employees and customers in more than 90 countries.

We respect and work according to international guidelines and legislation. A large part of our responsibility to these people is to ensure that our relationship with them is based on fairness, honesty and high ethical standards. We have drawn up a Code of Conduct, and this describes our code of conduct. Business ethics is an integral and important part of our value base.

As part of a long value chain, our responsibility as a manufacturer depends to a large extent on how our suppliers and their sub-suppliers act. We are thus responsible for conditions over which we have no complete control. But we must do what we can to ensure accountability back in our supply chain. We do this through our Code of Conduct. Here we want to oblige all of our suppliers to respect human and labor rights, and to act responsibly in relation to the climate and environment – and finally to work actively to fight corruption.

It is important that we work closely with the municipal authorities and with good dialogue create dynamic local environments. With both of our companies, we try to be strongly rooted in the local community, as it is important for us and our employees’ well-being. We want to be a visible and active player and create local communities that benefit both our employees and their families.

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"Together we can do more, as we say at Harboe. That is why we have initiated an annual tradition, which we call 'Folkevandring'. Here, we jointly collect money for a good cause and donate to a charitable organization chosen by the employees."
Pernille Harboe Obling, Sponsor and event coordinator